At Chirotherapy, we know that company directors and Human Resource department are starting to look to the health of their company staff in order for greater longevity, happiness, productivity and success.

Our team offers a wide range of health services, including series of educational health talks, workshops, spinal screening and on-site clinic.

Our talk topics include (But not limited to) the following:
1. Posture and Ergonomics
2. How to prevent workplace injuries
3. Stress management and Meditation
4. Sleep workshop
5. Why do I get headaches?

The spinal screening involves a very sensitive thermal imaging device. A scan is done on the back surface of the neck of the participant with the sensor. A report will be generated and printed out, participants can have a short consultation with our doctors of Chiropractic or experienced team member on site to understand more about their scan and should they need to; how they can come into the clinic for a thorough evaluation at a highly subsidised rate.

These services are offered as a complementary basis and can be arranged by contacting Ms. Julie at or 91783667.

Testimonial from Our Client

Professional chiropractors who are kind and passionate about helping people to get better. Definitely give them a try.

Jenny Li
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