Chiropractic adjustment is the answer to healthy spinal movement and nerve health. Chiropractic is able to help people of al ages from paediatric to geriatric.

Chiropractic spinal adjustments are done after thorough and specific examination of the patient.

We have had great success treating patients with scoliosis, sports injury, work injury, postural syndromes (forward head posture / head tilt / slouching / rounded shoulders / dowager hump). As well as help babies and children with colic, muscle tension, torticollis, spinal dura tension, irritability, sleep issues, latching issues. Chiropractic adjustments can also be tailored to help even the most chronic and sensitive cases of spinal degeneration and nerve injury.

On top of chiropractic adjustments, your Chirotherapy chiropractors are able to complement with other therapies listed in our service list. We believe each person requires different approaches to their health and we are able to help get you to your goals with chiropractic and our available therapies.

Chiropractors know that your spine and nerve system are the core of your body’s balance and function. Having a healthy spine with chiropractic, allows your body to receive other therapies and heal faster and stay strong for longer.

Wellness chiropractic care serves the purpose of maintaining great health and peak functioning in everyday life in the same way that people go to the gym, eat and think healthy and live positively!

Testimonial from Our Client

Professional chiropractors who are kind and passionate about helping people to get better. Definitely give them a try.

Jenny Li
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