New and Different – The Chirotherapy SG difference.

Chirotherapy Singapore has been born from local chiropractors who want to see a difference in the future of health care in Singapore for the long run.
When you step into the care of Chirotherapy SG with Drs. Audrey Choh, Dan Tam and Nelson Fong and Ms. Julie Ip Cho,
you will be experiencing real people who truly want the best for you. We treat every patient as part of our Chirotherapy Family.
We listen. We care and We will get results.

A message from our directors:

The ChiroTherapy clinic is our love child that we will continue to love, support and pursue the best outcome.
The clinic aims to provide affordable, holistic and high quality care to all of our patients. Our passions lie in healing
and accumulating experience and knowledge to not only improve, but radically change the quality of life to people
suffering with ill health related to spinal stress and injury. And we believe we will be able to meet the demands of
the ever changing market.
As of such, the clinic’s motto “We listen, we care and we get results” is going at the heart of its
modus operandi.

We listen
At The Chirotherapy SG Clinic, we treat all our patients as individuals and hence, we aim to provide patient-centered care to cater to the
different demands of our patient’s need. Our doctors take quality time to understand each patient’s needs and goals. And integrating this
into our treatment system.
The clinic is board-registered and the doctors are frequently taking part in continued professional education and learning multiple tools and
courses to better our service to help improve the health of Singapore.

We Care
At Chirotherapy, we strive to care and provide high quality chiropractic care to ALL. We take pride in being extra supportive and go the extra mile to achieve the best positive results for those who have suffered with great amounts of pain and discomfort for years seeking varied treatments to no avail.
We understand that sometimes it takes time, patience and motivation to get through the initial stages of healing and we are here for you through the long haul.
Let Chirotherapy be the difference for you.

We Get Results
In our time working in Singapore and in Australia, we have gotten countless internal referrals and positive
testimonials. This can only be achieved by meeting our patient’s goals and going beyond. To ensure continual
improvement of our patient’s well being and to get the results they want, we know that top-
notched patient education is a must. In addition to teaching our patients the importance of
preventative care, the clinic has also invested in the most up to date treatment modalities
backed up by current evidence to ensure greatest, fastest and long-term possible result.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you reach the next level of HEALTH and HEALING.

Your Chirotherapy SG Team

Testimonial from Our Client

Very professional and friendly staffs. Session was good and effective, finally had a good night sleep. Will be back for more sessions. Thank you.

Jason Huang
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