Looking back at 2018 with Dr. Audrey

Looking back into 2018.
This year saw a lot of cases of knee pain. A lot.
Young, old, fit and healthy, and of course those with just a simple slip and fall.
I never thought seriously of knee pain till i saw first hand the type of pain, amount of life changes it affects on a person aflicted with a knee injury.
Many throw off knee pain as a type of aging phenomenon. Truth is, these often times lead to compensation beyond the initial injury limitation.

Knee pain and knee injuries.
Those who were “old” at 40, 50 and 60s come wobbling and limping into the clinic looking like they are in their 80s and 90s.
Yes, it does age you significantly – the PAIN AND RESTRICTION!

They end up with a chain of adaptation pain. Knee, hips, back, neck and headaches! Yes, it goes way up!

Taking time to find out what actually is the root problem during consultation can be a miracle!
It may be as simple as correcting a walking error pattern. Type of shoes. Way you sleep or sit that puts excess weight on pelvis and lower limbs.

When people wait too long and live with wrong movement patterns for years, nerve pressure in spine can be affected, causing muscle weakness and even tingling and numbness.

Treatment usually starts with learning how to STOP these simple walking, standing sitting errors. This stops you from recreating problems while getting treatment and healing.

What happens next is to regain normal movement in the spine, pelvis, hips and legs. It’s great because Chiropractic can accomplish this!

Physical therapy continues the job of allowing the body to relax, heal and then get strong again.

Time to fix that knee issue! Find help here at Chirotherapy Singapore.

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Testimonial from Our Client

Professional chiropractors who are kind and passionate about helping people to get better. Definitely give them a try.

Jenny Li
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