Looking back at 2018 with Dr. Audrey

Looking back into 2018. This year saw a lot of cases of knee pain. A lot. Young, old, fit and healthy, and of course those with just a simple slip and fall. I never thought seriously of knee pain till i saw first hand the type of pain, amount of .. Read more  

Bugis Fortune Centre Chirotherapy

Hi everyone, Thank you for searching us out and finding us on our website. We are more active on instagram and facebook, but we do love our website as our friend did an amazing job at showcasing us and our clinic in this wonderful website. We have now moved to .. Read more  

New and Different – The Chirotherapy SG difference.

Chirotherapy Singapore has been born from local chiropractors who want to see a difference in the future of health care in Singapore for the long run. When you step into the care of Chirotherapy SG with Drs. Audrey Choh, Dan Tam and Nelson Fong and Ms. Julie Ip Cho, you .. Read more  

Testimonial from Our Client

I have confidence with the doctors and definitely feel safe in their arms, definitely worth trying!!!

Edwards YouBoon
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