Bugis Fortune Centre Chirotherapy

Hi everyone,

Thank you for searching us out and finding us on our website. We are more active on instagram and facebook,
but we do love our website as our friend did an amazing job at showcasing us and our clinic in this wonderful website.

We have now moved to fortune centre in bugis from our first location at prospex as the building was sold.
We would like to thank everyone for their support, encouragement and love through this process.

Team Chirotherapy has grown even stronger and better with this move. As always, we level up through life – mentally, emotionally and physically. We will not let anything affect our main motivation to do what we do best and it is to lead, inspire and create health and happiness in Singapore through Chiropractic and Physical therapy.

So follow us on Instagram and FB ! ChirotherapySG


Testimonial from Our Client

I have confidence with the doctors and definitely feel safe in their arms, definitely worth trying!!!

Edwards YouBoon
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