Dr Audrey

Dr. Audrey

Dr. Audrey is a passionate Singaporean chiropractor who has an innate sense of healing and energy.

Her positivity and drive for results will keep you motivated and constantly looking towards a greater life with chiropractic and healing energy.

One of her greatest happiness stems from being able to share her love for life with chiropractic and healing through education. Dr. Audrey can often be seen conducting educational talks to big and small groups, enthusiastically and passionately sharing her love and drive for true health and happiness.

Dr. Audrey cares for families from as young as babies (even premmie babies!) up to the wiser ages.

She always makes an extra effort in knowing her patients and they can trust Dr. Audrey to do her best in every case and situation.

If you would like to have a consultation or organise a speaking event with Dr. Audrey, please call or text 91181384 or find her on Facebook: Dr. Audrey Choh Chiropractor

Testimonial from Our Client

Very professional and friendly staffs. Session was good and effective, finally had a good night sleep. Will be back for more sessions. Thank you.

Jason Huang
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